Introducing the Activities of AURIA M Ltd.

The AURIA M Ltd. Was established in 1998. It is a privately owned company.

In 2004 the company signed a contract with BONAL Technologies Inc. Detroit through which it became the European representative of the American company, and the Central-, and Eastern-European distributor of steal, welded steal constructions, dies, plastic injection moulds, and tool components for Meta-Lax, vibration stress-relief machinery and the company’s patented Meta-Lax technology.

At the same time our company began introducing the stress-relief technology which, while well known in the United States, was still new on the European market. As an extra service, we began stress-relief treatments, as well.

This vibration stress-relief technology has proven its outstanding technical and economic benefits over the past few decades:

  • It has proved to be equal in quality to traditional thermal stress-relief technology
  • The treatment can be carried out on the site of manufacturing
  • Our equipment is suitable for treating items as heavy as 16 tonnes
  • During the treatment there is no scale
  • There are no deformations, or alterations in size
  • No special preparation is needed for the treatment
  • The treatment can be completed in just a few hours
  • Its energy use is minimal
  • Its noise emission does not reach the lowest level allowed
  • It is safe
  • As a result of relieved thermal stress the life span of the machines increases while the future machine time is reduced
  • The machine prints a diagram which is equal to a certificate
  • Use during welding:

    • Deformation is reduced significantly
    • Employing the complicated welding order is unnecessary
    • The result is a much better joint quality
    • Power uptake is 20-25% lower
    • Stress-relief happens during welding
    • No micro cracks appear in the joint (advantageous especially in the case of repair welding!)

Our company completes the treatment any time of the day at the given location, following a request made 2-3 days in advance. This is the way we ensure our procurers the continuity of the process technology, lowering by even 20-30% the time of deficit.

Due to its novelty we are introducing Meta-Lax vibration stress-relief technology in more details than usual, relying on articles by American licence owners, and the results of scientific researches.